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Listed below are some of the machinery services on offer in our machine shop.

Having the right machine available is key to giving you a quality job at the best possible price.

We cater for many different sized jobs, whether it be production runs or one offs, complex 3D shapes or simple single axis machining work.

Very often maching and fabrication jobs overlap. As all aspects are done in house we have total control over the quality and completion time.

High speed CNC turret Lathe 8 Station Turret 600mm between centers, 300mm swing
CNC turret lathe 8 Station Turret 3m between centers, 1m swing at the chuck, 105mm up the head stock.
CNC Spark Eroder Capacity 1m x 500mm x 400mm deep
CNC Vertical Machining Center 16 tool 4 axis 1100mm x 500mm
CNC Vertical Mill 4 axis (plus 2 manual) 1300mm x 700mm
Horizontal borer 1300mm x 1000mm x 900mmH
Surface Grinder 600mm x 300mm x 400mmH
Center Lathe 5m Bed, Swing over bed 580mm.
Various other machines of less significance not listed  

Vertical Machining

Horizontial Boring

Surface Grinding

Spark Erosion

Tool and Cutter

CNC Turning

CNC Water

CNC Profile cutting

CNC Press break


Iron Worker

120T Plate Shear


Metal Spraying



Ally, Steel and
Stainless Steel